A Literary Evaluation of Coming old in Mississippi by Anne Moody

A Literary Examination of Coming old in Mississippi by Anne Moody

Anne Moody's "Coming old in Mississippi" was an excellent book for people who , just kidding . I came across the book completely insightful into the lifestyle of an African-American brought up in the deep south through the civil rights movement . Even though some parts played in to the old stereotypes I heard again and again growing up , it does display a radical innovative breed because of this period , a black , female at that, fighting on her behalf rights . In addition, it gave us a glance at what many sacrificied to be able to acheive civil privileges for all . I intend to describe the above statements more extensively throughout this paper . I really believe this book acheived its goal of telling of 1 woman's struggle on her behalf basic rights in a hostile environment .

This book begins with the life span of its writer . She begins as basically a slave kid on a farm in Mississippi . She tells of her parents lives , how they visited the areas at sun up and returned from their website at sundown . She describes her abusive cousin , George Lee , and tells of a few traumatic childhood activities . She continues on describing where her mom and fathers marital complications start , which causes their separation and her dad moving in with an other woman . This is where her hardships commenced . Throughout her childhood she actually is a tmid , poor little girl who's afraid to also ask her mother inquiries about the proceedings around her . Anne tells of their staple diet plan , beans and bread , that was just enough to


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