An Essay on the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament

An Essay on the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

It's March. Do you know what time it really is? It's March Madness, the NCAA Mens

Basketball Tournament. Enough time of the entire year when you discover commercials on CBS

announcing the Road to the ultimate Four, the pinnacle of the school basketball year. Each

year 64 teams vie for an area in the ultimate Four. Clubs from the East, Midwest, Southwest,

and West all compete for one place from each division. The clubs that play for just one of

these spots could be classified into four numerous groups. THE QUANTITY 1 through 4 seeds,

the Cinderella teams, the Bubble clubs and the main one Hit Wonders.

The #1 1 through 4 seeds constitute 1/4 of the tournament. These teams are

the strongest teams in the country and usually are figured to visit the ultimate Four. The

teams ranked Number 1 within their bracket have the very best chance of likely to the ultimate Four.

Since 1980 at least one Number 1seed has truly gone to the ultimate Four. The quantity one

seeded team in addition has under no circumstances been beaten in the first of all circular of the NCAA tournament. The

teams that are 1 through 4 this season, and


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