An Introduction to the problem of Gun Control in the current America

An Introduction to the problem of Gun Control in the current America


Dan Collins



Today in America,

gun control is an extremely serious issue. There will vary opinions on

this matter, the National Rifle Association (NRA), seems that guns are

secure when used for cover by responsible residents, others feel

that guns are considerably to hazardous to be stored in homes, and that guns

shouldn't be owned by anyone, just employed by the National Guard and

law enforcement. These persons think their thoughts are correct

based on the second amendment, the amendment that handles the

bearing of hands by residents of America, but there were different

interpretations of it. The reason why that persons feel gun ownership is

such a trouble is that so various persons drop their lives by them each

year. Personally, Personally i think that guns bring about increases in crime,

murder, and home accidents. By reducing option of guns and

offering education on gun security, I feel that these things will

help to make America safer. Prior to making up my head on what I felt

about the problem, I ensured to consider the thoughts of others and

to acquire statistics.

People from the (NRA), who happen to be against gun control, believe that the persons are responsible for the unwanted effects guns own on America. Helen Smith, a forensic psychologist who shares the strategies of the NRA, wrote articles titled В“ItВ's Not really The GunsВ”. In the following paragraphs, she talks about the upsurge in university and youth violence, associated with guns. She


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